Camera instructions (NEW)

Adecuado para YCC365 PLUS, PIXPLUS, EYEPLUS APP How To Download APP  Search “YCC365 Plus”in Apple Store or Android app store and download. Scan the QR code and download. How to Connect Camera Add Device Register an account When you use this app at the first time, you need to use your email to register an account, click”Sign Up”and set a password according this procedure,or choose Long in with mobile phone mumber.  If you forget your password, you can reset your password, just click “Forgot password” on the login page.  Password should be at least 6 characters and not longer than

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Interface introduction

1. Adding the camera2. cloud service3. Sharing the camera4. Camera settings5. Camera switch6. Device list7. Message8. Cloud service9. Users’ login10. Multi-screen viewing 1. Camera settings2. Screenshots3. Enlarge4. Video playback5. Alarm notifications6. Switching sharpness7. Voice intercom8. Sound switch9. More settings10. Local recordings11. Cloud storage

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Functions introduction

Recording settings 1.  Event recording is started by default, it will record only when an alarm occurs. If you want to record videos 24 hours, please set it in ‘Device Storage’ >‘ Recording Mode’   2. Click ‘View Playback’ to view the video playback, slide the time bar to view the video. 3. The cloud storage videos will be displayed by default. When it is changed to SD memory card in the video viewing path, the memory card recording videos will be displayed. Motion detection settings Motion detection and sound detection are enabled by default and do not need to

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Connecting to the camera

Scan the code to add the camera 1. Register and log into the software 2.Click‘+’> Smart Camera > Scan to add the device 3. View the app tips, click ‘ ’ after completing the steps, then enter your wifi password. 4. Align the displayed QR code to the camera lens until the camera makes a beep sound, click (I hear the‘beep’), then wait it to be connected. 5. Successfully connected, the camera will be online. Adding the camera: add by AP hotspot 1. Select Add by AP Hotspot, click‘ ’ after completing the steps. 2. Connect the phone to the

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ycc365 plus camera rtsp url address and port number

ycc365 plus rtsp url RTSP stands for real-time stream protocol, it’s the primary multimedia stream protocol enables your cameras to deliver video stream. Almost network cameras rely on this protocol to transmit video/audio stream to web browser/video management software/NVR/NAS. IP address: DHCPusername: adminpassword: 123456 or no passwordPort number: HTTP port (80), RTSP port (554), ONVIF port (80).RTSP URL: rtsp://[username]:[password]@[ip]:[port]Main stream RTSP: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554

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Why I can’t get the notifications on my phone?

Make sure the App get the message pushing rightsOtherwise, when you are watching the real-time video in the App, there is no warning notifications, because it’s unnecessary to send notifications when you are watching the video online.Advanced message push system, the warning notifications won’t be pushed to your phone all the time but it will record all the messages and videos.

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The video recording timeline is blank after the cloud service expired

The video can’t be replayed after cloud service expired, if there is no TF card in the camera, the video can’t be recorded. If the TF card is always working, but the video files disappeared, please check the Check TF card state, if it is normal in the App but no video has been recorded, please format the TF card. If it still doesn’t work, please get a new TF card and try again.

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How can I get my camera connected to the other Wi-Fi.

Two ways: A:When you need to change to another Wi-Fi without moving the place. Parameter setting >> Wi-Fi Network >> select the Wi-Fi B: When the camera is moved to another place, please start the camera, you will see the “Device disconnected” on the main page, and then click “TROUBLESHOOT” to connect to the Wi-Fi again.

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Can’t add the device?

A、Please make sure the camera has been reset. Press the Reset button until hear the prompt tone B、Only support 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi, if your Wi-Fi router is 5GHZ, please switch to 2.4/5GHZ dual mode. C、Please turn on the GPS service before adding the device on the Android mobile phone . After installation is complete, you will be asked to turn on GPS service when you use the app at the first time, if you choose not to turn on the GPS service, please uninstall and reinstall the app again D、Please confirm the camera wasn’t binding by the other account. There are

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Camera disconnect?

Please check the power and the Internet then restart the camera. If this way doesn’t work please remove the camera and add it again in the App.

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No technical service is provided here. Please contact the vendor for your video camera issues. Thank you very much!


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