Why I can’t get the notifications on my phone?

Make sure the App get the message pushing rights
Otherwise, when you are watching the real-time video in the App, there is no warning notifications, because it’s unnecessary to send notifications when you are watching the video online.
Advanced message push system, the warning notifications won’t be pushed to your phone all the time but it will record all the messages and videos.

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  1. Hi admin, I face this issue whereby I didn’t get the instant push notifications very frequently though the settings are in placed. I think there could something off with the ycc365 server not sending us the notification instantly. Can you help to investigate pls.

    1. Same for me: since few days I don’t receive any notificaton anymore.
      I reset the cameras, registered them on another account but the result is the same…
      I am very upset for this

  2. Two of my sdeter cameras will no longer record on the sd cards. I have readded them on my new router and those two cameras do not record on the sd cards. I have two other cameras which are still recording and working fine. I have tried removing the cards and putting them back in. I also tried cleaning the cards with alcohol. What should I do?

    1. Please insert the memory card when the camera is turned off, use the memory card after formatting it.

  3. Hello, I have just installed an IP CAM with YCC365 plus APP and I cannot find the email alert configuration withing the settings options like other similar APP (like CAMHI where you put Server name and TCP ports). Do you know if is it possible to recibe “email alerts” when motion detection is triggered (like most IP CAMs can)? If you answer is Yes, how? Thks in advance for your reply

      1. Dear admin, since this morning the instant push notifications are not functioning again. Pls take a look. Tq

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