Can’t add the device?

A、Please make sure the camera has been reset. Press the Reset button until hear the prompt tone
B、Only support 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi, if your Wi-Fi router is 5GHZ, please switch to 2.4/5GHZ dual mode.
C、Please turn on the GPS service before adding the device on the Android mobile phone . After installation is complete, you will be asked to turn on GPS service when you use the app at the first time, if you choose not to turn on the GPS service, please uninstall and reinstall the app again
D、Please confirm the camera wasn’t binding by the other account.
There are four voice prompts in the progress
(1)“Please configure camera by scanning code or AP hot spot”
(2)Select your Wi-Fi and login with your password, after the device makes a noise like “beep” you will hear this “Please wait for Wi-Fi connecting”.
(3)“Please wait for internet connecting” after getting the Internet ip address.
(4)“Internet connected welcome to use cloud camera”
A、If you can’t go to the second step, please check your Wi-Fi channel is not hidden, and the Wi-Fi router can’t be so far from the camera. If this way doesn’t work, please scan the QR code to add the camera.
B、If you can’t go to the third step, please reduce the number of the Wi-Fi users, and delete the special characters of your Wi-Fi password.
C、If you can’t go to the forth step, please try again, if it still doesn’t work, please contact the seller.

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  1. I purchased 2 cameras and I am unable to set-up any camera successfully. Neither have an Ethernet port so I only have the option of using QR Code or Wireless Pairing.
    My home WiFi uses 2.4Ghz. When using QR code the camera ‘beeps’, after the voice ‘connected to WiFi’ and ‘connecting to internet’ it always fails.
    For the WiFi pairing I do not understand how that config works – there is no connection between my phone and the camera so cannot see how the WiFi account data is passed to the camera??
    Also, i notice the camera generate their own WiFi SSID – what purpose those this serve? The English language instructions do not give any detail on this.

    1. If the camera made a beep sound, but the connection failed:
      Please check if the wifi password is correct and if the wifi is 2.4 GHz.
      Reconnect next to the router.

      The camera’s wifi can be used to watch video or add a camera

  2. I do not have control of the WiFi password at my organisation. The password has a space in it. They will not change the password for me because of organisation rules. Please can you release a firmware update to let the camera use spaces. Otherwise this camera is useless to me.

  3. we bought 144 cameras
    I can not add the camera by cable connection for android only IOS can add
    also AP can not work for many android devices and IOS devices

    please fix these issues

    Many thanks

  4. I have three cameras that all connect to one network. I am trying to move one of them to another network. I’ve removed from the app. I can’t seem to get the cam to reset at the new location. Can cameras from two different networks be attached to the same app?

    1. Reset the camera to reconnect.
      Yes, you can connect cameras from different networks

  5. I have had problems with my ycc365 plus since I ordered it. First it took a long time to receive my camera and now it doesn’t work. The lights keep on flashing and won’t except the code given (bar code). Its been less than a month that I recieved my camera. Please assist me on this huge problem…
    Sincerely Gilbert McGuire.

  6. Can not add ycc365 camera to app. Never get voice prompt after multiple resets. Tried power down then reset, reset via internal reset switch and repeated resets via switch on cable. Please advise.

  7. hello,
    after scanning the QC on the phone and trying to connect I am receiving massage There is an error
    “Serial number not matching
    The serial number of the device e009bf084df8 does not match, please contact the after-sales personnel for processing”
    Pls help to fix it.

  8. I had the same problem after changing router and I had to re-add all cameras. I reset them, even removed them from my account but nothing worked… The WiFi was (only) 2.4Ghz and the password correct. I spent several hours without success. What worked was to create a new account! This worked immediately! The cameras were added immediately (after being reset). It’s

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