Functions introduction

Recording settings

1.  Event recording is started by default, it will record only when an alarm occurs.

If you want to record videos 24 hours, please set it in ‘Device Storage’ >‘ Recording Mode’


2. Click ‘View Playback’ to view the video playback, slide the time bar to view the video.

3. The cloud storage videos will be displayed by default. When it is changed to SD memory card in the video viewing path, the memory card recording videos will be displayed.

Motion detection settings

Motion detection and sound detection are enabled by default and do not need to be set.The alarm notifies once every 10 minutes by default.
Notification frequency can be set in the notification push settings. You can also turn off the alarm notification, motion detection and sound detection in here if you don’t need them.

Detection sensitivity – Set the motion detection sensitivity.
Detection area – Set the motion detection area. After setting, the camera only detects the specified areas. Blue screen indicates detection and gray screen indicates no detection.

Smart Tracking Settings

Smart Tracking is enabled by default, and the camera will follow when an object moves.

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  1. Detection sensitivity:
    Even in low the camera detect small insects.
    – How can I set the motion detection sensitivity lower than “Low”???
    please answer asap!
    Best Regards

  2. I don’t have the function to turn Pan or Tilt the camera on the screen of my Samsung S8 mobile

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