Interface introduction

1. Adding the camera
2. cloud service
3. Sharing the camera
4. Camera settings
5. Camera switch
6. Device list
7. Message
8. Cloud service
9. Users’ login
10. Multi-screen viewing

1. Camera settings
2. Screenshots
3. Enlarge
4. Video playback
5. Alarm notifications
6. Switching sharpness
7. Voice intercom
8. Sound switch
9. More settings
10. Local recordings
11. Cloud storage

9 Replies to “Interface introduction”

  1. This is very frustrating. every video/picture I see for the YCC365 Plus does not show the YCC365 Plus. There is no where that shows an explanation of the three wires attached to the camera (power, internet, ?? (reset -reset to what??)??? Its as tho anyone who has written instructions for the YCC365 Plus has never seen one. You spend time showing how to use the app and thats good, but how about a complete explanation of the camera and the attached wires?

    1. Yes, three lines on the waterproof camera.
      Power port, Cable access, Reset button (return camera to factory settings),
      For instructions on the camera, it is recommended to consult the camera seller.

      1. Thank You for the explanation of the wires. Now, I am having another problem. When I hit the app on my Iphone, ‘then I hit the ‘+”, then ‘Intelligent camera’, then Device adding by canning the code’ : problem: It repeats 3 consecutive screens about connecting. I’ve tried the instructions but it does not seem to help go any further. Now, could it be my router? i am not having any trouble with it on my PC/TV, etc. I’ve tried to connect to network, i get a message ‘this does not support a 5G network’, but the camera says it uses 2.5 g so who cares? I’m close to returning both cameras but I really dont want to. I like the cameras, I just wish the set up was a little more reasonable.
        Thanks for your help.

        1. If the camera made a beep sound, but the connection failed:
          Please check if the wifi password is correct and if the wifi is 2.4 GHz. Reconnect next to the router.

        2. Its not easy at first….
          Press reset button for 10 secs, then wait for some clicks that come from the camera.
          Install app on the phone and press + and choose 1st choice, input your credentials, it will detect the nearest wifi, then it shows a QR code, show that QR displayed on the phone to the camera, aproximing and backing for a few times, if it doesnt go to next step automaticly, you press the checkbox to go next step, the it will apear a circle going to 0 until 100% if it tou get an error or it stucks at 100, force app to close and open it again, the camera should be there available now. Sorry my english.

    2. Well, if you have an IP camera, as opposed to an analog, the three wires are
      1. power(2.1mm x 5.5mm), 2. ethernet( looks like a big phone line plug, the old kind) it’s the largest one, and 3. Reset button. Reset restores the camera to factory defaults in case of a problem or when you’re connecting the camera for the 1st time. Hope this helps.

  2. i was experiencing dropout using wifi,so i have hard wired to router but now camera showing as disconnected,ho do i retrieve it?

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