The video recording timeline is blank after the cloud service expired

The video can’t be replayed after cloud service expired, if there is no TF card in the camera, the video can’t be recorded.
If the TF card is always working, but the video files disappeared, please check the Check TF card state, if it is normal in the App but no video has been recorded, please format the TF card. If it still doesn’t work, please get a new TF card and try again.

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  1. How do I get the recordings from sd card on my phone unless it is unlocked,to see back over a 24 hour period

  2. “Client
    AUGUST 15, 2019 AT 10:28 AM
    How do I open a video recording in the SD card after the free cloud service ends and no longer for extended?”
    I have the same problem….my cloud service expired, the camera have the sdcard in with status “avaible”. recording is “all day recording”.
    i cannot watch remotely the recordings on the sdcard

    1. The cloud storage videos will be displayed by default. When it is changed to SD memory card in the video viewing path, the memory card recording videos will be displayed.

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